We are in a part of the year where everyone is trying to write down their resolutions and plans for this coming year, brethren I urge you not to forget to consult the author of your future days, him who sees the end of your days from the beginning. God is soo much interested and pleased to reveal to you the plans he has for you this coming year and help you walk down every single one of them more than you can even be interested. Don’t hesitate to consult him to see what is written in his book concerning you according to Psalms 139:16

Out of what he reveals to you concerning your future make sure you write it down on a piece of paper for Habakkuk reminds us to write down our visions on plain tablets so that he who reads it may run with it. If the revealed vision for 2020 will only be concerning you and your purpose in his kingdom then you might be the only one who will be required to run with the vision until you see the realization of the same. The manifestation phase is not easy and honestly requires grace.

’O lord, I know that the path of (life of) a man is not in himself; it is not within (the limited ability of) man (even one at his best) to choose and direct his steps (in life) Jer10;23AMP’’ As Jeremiah was revealed by the holy spirit he helps us understand a very vital thing in life as men, even as we try to determine our own steps instead of letting God take control. I find the revelation that was deep inside the spirit of this prophet strongly agreeing with what Solomon tells us in proverbs 16;9, a mans mind plans his way (as he journeys through life), but the lord directs his steps and establishes them. There is some comfort in this, it reminds us as much as the lord is determined to direct and establish our steps, we need to be doing something, planning our minds. How good is it if our plans are exactly the visions from the lord that we wrote down on a tablet.

Brethren our roleplay in this journey of life does not end here, proverbs 15;22 reminds us that where there is no counsel, plans/purposes are disappointed, but in the multitude of counsellors they are established and succeed. see also proverbs 11;14. It is very possible for you to have received a vision from the lord, aware of your purpose in life and done required steps but your plans end up failing because you relied on your wisdom alone but never sought the wisdom of many counsellors. If you have made it this far, I am sure you want to see all come to pass, pray to God to send you the right mentors into your life. To send you people who have succeeded in the path where your vision is leading you, people who you can submit to and hold you accountable to your written vision and if possible, let them be many.


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