Philippians 4:6Do not  be anxious about  anything ,but  in everything by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving present  your requests to God.


Thanksgiving in prayer  is one key  that will help you reach maturity  in prayer  real quick.   Worries  and anxieties  of life  can take  away  our  sole  focus  of prayer  but  scriptures  here  urge  us  to instead  give  thanks.


Giving  thanks  fills  us with joy  and prepares  a way  for  God  to come  through  for us  in whatever  we are trusting  Him for for  the  Psalmist  said  in Psalms 50 verse  23 He who sacrifices thank-offerings honors  me and he prepares the  way that  I may show  him salvation  of God. Hallelujah!

Let us  learn to give  thanks  so we can grow  in the place  of prayer.


TODAY’S DECLARATION :I give  thanks  to the  Lord  for  it is will of God  in Christ  Jesus.


TODAY’S PRAYER: Father, today teach me  to offer  my Thanksgiving  for you are pleased  when I do so, whenever  am tempted  to complain  in prayer, father  help me give thanks  instead for you will make  a way  in your  perfect  will. In Jesus  name I pray.  Amen!


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