Daniel 9:2-3 In the first  year  of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from scriptures, according to the  word  of the  Lord given  to Jeremiah the  prophet, that  the  desolation of Jerusalem would  last  seventy years.

  1. So I turned to the Lord  God and pleaded  with Him  in prayer  and petition, in fasting and sackcloth and ashes.


Daniel read  the scripture  and through  this  He understood  the  prophesy  foretold  by prophet  Jeremiah  was to be fulfilled  in His  time.  We have  to be  readers  of the  word  to understand  the mind  of God  and prophesies  that  need  us  to fulfill.  When  we are  partakers  of the  word  it is easier  to understand times  and seasons  and be  able  to pray  there mind  of God  because  His  word  is His  mind.


TODAY’S DECLARATION:I am a reader  of the  word  of God ,through  His  word  I pray  accordingly.


TODAY’S PRAYER : Father, teach  me your  word.  Grant  me  the  spirit  of revelation so I can understand  the  times  and seasons, revelation  to see my prophetic  word  and for the  body  so I can pray in accordance to your  word .In Jesus  name  I pray.  Amen!


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