Colossians 4:2 Devote  yourselves to prayer  by being watchful and thankful.


Prayer  is a ministry and a wonderful  task  and just  like  any  task to see  results  we need  devotion.  To be committed  to pray  despite  the  circumstances, situations  of life  or  environments that we might  find  ourselves  in. Early  apostles  devoted  themselves  to prayer  despite  the persecution  they  faced.  Our  devotion  to prayer  will equip  us and discipline  us  to love  prayer  and make  it  part  of our  daily  lives .


TODAY’S DECLARATION: I am devoted  to prayer  and am committed  to pray  until  I see  kingdom  manifestmanifestation  on earth.


TODAY’S PRAYER : Father  today  fill me with a a fresh  desire  for prayer  that  will keep  me disciplined  in the place  of prayer  in Jesus  mighty  name!  Amen!


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