Moses the intercessor



Throughout scriptures, we have plenty of examples to show that we are all called to this noble office of intercession. This is where the Holy Spirit is our ever present help whenever we fall short and our lord Jesus Christ is always interceding for us before the father in heaven.

To prepare us or show us how to function in this office in the right way, we are going to look at an example from the scriptures of one man, Moses who was so selfless and full of compassion as he was interceding for the nation of Israel.
This a story of another day but I believe we are called to be leaders too and there are levels of leadership we can’t step into if we don’t intercede for the people you are leading.

The first passage of scripture we are going to examine is from Numbers 14:11-19. Here we see the lord so angry with Israel for their sins and He approaches Moses, to tell him of His plan. He said how he is going to unleash a plague among them and wipe them all out then make Moses a great nation, Even greater and mightier than them.
To my flesh this sounds so good if the lord came and told me everyone around me is so wicked and am the only righteous person He can see. When he told Moses, ” this is what I will do to them and this is what I will do you”’s promise to a level that equals what God did with Noah starting another generation or the promises given to our father Abraham. If Moses gave in maybe we could be quoting scriptures saying Jesus the son of Moses.. 😀😀
But he never let his flesh step in and be enticed at the expense of functioning in his intercession ministry. He stepped in and reminded God how he is loving in nature, slow to anger, forgiving, merciful and how it would make Him look bad when people say after he delivered his children out of Egypt, he wasn’t able to take them to the promised land. And that’s why he slaughtered them in the wilderness.
Nevertheless Moses was able to intercede for their sins and the lord relented.

Another good example we find in Exodus 32:30-35. This is where Moses was from the mountain with the 10 commandments and found the people having made a golden calf and were worshiping it.
He was so angry at them (and by the way this was wrong of him but we are not focusing on his short comings today) but he still found a way to go back before the lord to intercede.
What came out of his mouth is something that can’t be found in a lot of us. He acknowledged that the people had sinned greatly but asked the lord to forgive their sins and if not, to even blot his name out of the book of life. Any born again Christian with the hope of going to heaven definitely knows this is a great deal for no one will make it to heaven if his name isn’t written in the lambs book of life.
But Moses was ready to see himself miss out on such a great hope if the people he was interceding for weren’t forgiven. He just didn’t want to see himself make it alone. On this case, the Lord never gave in though Moses had gone to such a great depth. He surely said whoever had sinned him he will be blotted out of the book of life but not Moses.

If we were told that the Lord had given us a chance to intercede for a perishing world which is about to experience the wrath of God what could we do?
May this create a fire in us for surely Jesus is ready to save all mankind with the promises they will experience all spiritual blessings in Christ. This is way better than the Israelites’ promised land of milk and honey… but because the people are hard at heart just as they were in the days of Moses the Lord is about to step in and let his wrath consume them.
But if intercessors like you and I can intercede for the world and remind God of his never ending mercy, he is able to give all a second chance. The goal is all to make it to the kingdom in Jesus name.



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